Local & Homemade Products

Here at Trousdales we strive to be interactive with the community and develop good relationship's with local business's. In result we have in stock as many Canadian and locally made items that we can find. Many talented individuals like authors, illustrators, artists & craftsman are featured here at Trousdales.


Stinson Studios

 Don Stinson's handcrafted wooden bowls & sculptural burls, made in Tamworth. Their goal is to create a piece in such a way that you can experience a bit of the beauty of nature in your home. 



Wallace Edwards Books

Incredibly talented illistrator, Wallace Edwards from Yarker makes a quirky series of childrens books that include, The Cats Pajamas, Monkey Business, Alphabeasts & Mixed Beasts.His illustrations are packed full of delightful and suprising details. 


Our Town: A View of Life in a Small Town (Book with Comics) 

Tim Nimigan from Napanee wrote this charming joke book on small towns, which is perfect since we are in the heart of one! His comics previously appeared in the Napanee Beaver!