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Abbotsford, Airdrie, Prince Albert, Agincourt, Winnipeg, Sherbrooke, Sackville, Summerside, Sydney, Springdale. Everyone in Canada loves Yorkshire pudding. If they don't, they will, when they use this perfect pudding pan.


Don’t be a lump. Get a better butter bowl and you'll be spreading smooth, fresh butter at a moment’s notice.







Crystal clear and thin-lipped, GoVino glasses go anywhere that you can pop a cork. Save the Waterford for later and enjoy fine wine without mishap. They are shatterproof and lovely. Set of four. Dishwasher safe also available.




Still in good form after 57 years and nothing functions better. The Jonas peeler is Swedish design at its best. Always a cook’s preference, it’s also the consummate carrot accessory.



You don’t have to be a slave to a hot stove...

...and chores don’t have to be turned into an art form but they can get a lot better with a good attitude and a little assistance.

Imagine having help in the kitchen from an array of useful gadgets, setting a table that’s as sunny as the south of France, or using products that smell so good you actually want to clean.

What can we say... home work can be divine!

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