Percy Trousdale was always more interested in people than in money. In fact, he was so disinterested in going to the bank that he used to hide money all over the store. Someone once found a roll of bills in a new overalls pocket. 

People talk now about what a treasure the store is. A man travelling through the area stopped in to stretch his legs and exclaimed, “Whew, who could ever imagine this is here...”, stayed over an hour talking, and left with a Don Stinson salad bowl under his arm.

During the month of December, with the store full of holiday spirit, one gal even exclaimed while buying her stocking stuffers "This store makes me look like a Christmas Rockstar!" 

When Curious George came to the store and spent a few days visiting with kids, a young girl walked up to the cash register and exclaimed, “This is the very most best store in the whole world!”

While we don’t stash money around any more, we did have a treasure hunt for bananas when George was here.

You never know what you’re going to find at our General Store. It‘s a people place and that‘s the big reason why we still have the store. 

Bona fide

Every two years, the Land O' Lakes Tourist Association recognizes tourism excellence in each of it’s nine municipalities. In 2006, Trousdale's General Store was awarded the Vision Award for the Township of South Frontenac.